Columbia St Waterfront Park

Green Spaces Along the Greenway

Brooklyn Greenway Initiative is leading the design development for new green spaces adjacent to the trunk 14-mile Greenway route, including the Naval Cemetery Landscape, Columbia Waterfront Park, and Williamsburg Bridge Park.

Columbia Waterfront Park is a planned green space that will provide a new amenity to the Columbia Street waterfront. The park will be developed on a roughly two-acre property that extends from Kane Street to Degraw Street on the west side of Columbia Street. The first phase of the park commenced in Spring 2014 when BGI volunteers completed a native grass planting.

The Naval Cemetery Landscape is a 1.7 acre site developed in partnership with the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation. The design is for a landscape of native plants beneficial to pollinators such as bees, moths and butterflies. Ground breaking will take place in the 2014. $2M in capital funding has been secured from public and private sources.

Williamsburg Bridge Park is a community-driven project where BGI and RPA have created an economic prospectus. Agency operations must be relocated before construction commences.

Additional green spaces are in the process of being identified, pending funds to study and develop designs that are in keeping with the Greenway plan.

A Community Park

The Columbia Waterfront Park is a gathering space for local residents and an access point to the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway in the Columbia Street Waterfront District. Program elements include a natural amphitheater, dog run, bicycle amenities for cyclists on the greenway and several shaded walking paths.

The first phase of the park commenced in Spring of 2014 where BGI volunteers planted a meadow in a section of the future park. The next phase requires securing funding from elected officials for the park’s construction.

Nature At The Navy Yard

A rendering of the proposed Columbia Waterfront Park

The Naval Cemetery Landscape is the site of a historic cemetery once used by the adjacent Naval Hospital. Currently part of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the site is to be developed as a native plant and pollinator habitat that activates the site while preserving and protecting the memorial cemetery.

BGI has partnered with the Horticultural Society of New York to provide training in landscape restoration and cultivation of native habitat, and with the Green School to educate youth about the importance of native plants in the environment. Site design is completing and funding is secured. Construction is planned for 2015.

Better Walking In Red Hook

A rendering of the Columbia Street ConnectorThe planned Columbia Street Connector aims to improve the pedestrian experience between the Red Hook Houses, Columbia Street Esplanade, Red Hook Park and the route of the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway. This stretch of Columbia Street has low traffic and wide sidewalks, while the land uses in the northern three blocks are mostly industrial and commercial.

A design process is underway to improve the pedestrian experience using vegetation and plantings. By encompassing three distinct places along its nearly mile-long route, the Connector has the potential to benefit a variety of residents and recreational users of the area.