Ensuring The Greenway’s Future

In 2012, NYC DOT finalized its Implementation Plan for the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway, but BGI must still continue its work of keeping the greenway front and center as a government and civic priority. To this end, BGI will need to help raise tens of millions of dollars in additional capital funding from Federal, State and City sources.

At the same time, BGI will also need to engage and manage a rapidly growing constituency and look toward the long-term stewardship of the 14-mile greenway route and the numerous adjacent green spaces that are currently under development.

A map from BGI's Stewardship Plan In 2008, BGI and RPA developed a preliminary Plan for Stewardship and Maintenance, which addressed the various long-term requirements of the greenway. Since no single city agency is responsible for maintaining the greenway, a new model of care must be established if the greenway is to be maintained at a high standard. This will be the job of BGI in the future, so we must begin to grow our capacity today.

How You Can Help