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Your gift to Brooklyn Greenway Initiative (BGI)  ensures the development, establishment, and stewardship of the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway –  a 26-mile green corridor from Greenpoint to East New York. 

In 2004, BGI’s revolutionary thinking and thoughtful engagement catalyzed the development of today’s remarkable Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway, focused on the Greenway’s planning and design, implementation, and public engagement. Now in its 15th year, BGI continues to advocate for the Greenway’s completion and works to engage Greenway users in its beautification and long-term care — all while connecting Brooklyn’s diverse neighborhoods, cultural centers, historic sites, commercial hubs, and public spaces.

The Greenway is connecting us as never before, it’s creating opportunities for people of all backgrounds and abilities to travel to new places, to explore new neighborhoods, to shop and support local businesses, to live a vibrant and active lifestyle, and to connect with others. When finished, the Greenway will improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians, ensure that residents in historically underserved neighborhoods can access the water, and strengthen our resilience in the face of rising sea levels and storm surges brought on by the changing climate.

Your donation today will help us to ensure the Greenway’s completion, to enhance the experience for its users, to enable its infrastructure to foster greater resiliency and sustainability, and to allow the Greenway to improve not only the landscape — but the lives of all Brooklynites and those who love Brooklyn as much as we do.


Let’s work together to bring this vision of a greener, stronger, healthier Brooklyn to life —not someday, but soon!


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Important information regarding COVID-19 and its impact on the Greenway and Naval Cemetery Landscape.Learn More