The BGI project team has completed the assessment of potential green infrastructure sites, submitted the required data files to NYC DOT, DEP and Parks and conducted a walk-through with the agencies to review each site. A public meeting was held on July 29, 2015 to share the potential sites with residents and interested parties. The next step is for the team to order soil borings to assess whether water will drain through the soils at each of the sites. Borings will be followed by surveys to assure that no utility infrastructure will conflict with or disqualify a site.

Those investigations will be followed by further agency review and approval before design of each of the sites takes place. Once designs are completed and approved by the agencies, BGI will bid the construction of the sites to secure a qualified construction contractor.

At the meeting the following questions and answers occurred.

Why are there so many sites on Green Street and so few on most other sides streets?

Most of the side streets have extensive tree canopy and we are not allowed to do construction under the canopy of street trees as that is where the tree roots are expected to be. Also the width of sidewalks on some streets do not meet NYC DOT minimum clearance guidelines. Additionally, green infrastructure cannot be placed in front of building entrances and gates.

Why were so few sites indicated for Greenpoint Avenue?

As a formerly commercial street, Greenpoint Ave. properties have many sidewalk vaults for access to the cellar from the sidewalk. There are additional setback requirements from vaults because you would not want to increase infiltration of water into areas where the water might enter building vaults and cellars.

Won’t Stormwater Greenstreets would displace parking spaces?

Stormwater greenstreets are green infrastructure that is on the roadway side of the curb. They will displace a handful of parking spaces if they are finally approved. The team has assessed the new residential parking spaces expected to result from residential conversions within a block of the target area and determined that there are several times more new spaces coming than would be affected by the installation of proposed stormwater greenstreets.

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