A kayak rolling demonstration on the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway? Well, not exactly on the greenway, but along the greenway route at Brooklyn Bridge Park. This event is part of MWA’s City of Water Day Festival on Saturday, July 16th, and a demo will also take place at Governors Island.

Here’s the info:

Saturday, July 16th

Brooklyn Bridge Park,
Between Piers 5 & 6
11:00 am

Governors Island
Yankee Pier  – north side
1:00 pm

Traditionally, Greenlanders and other Arctic paddlers did not know how to swim because it was unlikely they would survive once separated from their kayak in Arctic waters. So, recovering from a capsize without leaving the kayak became an important survival skill.

Members of QajaqUSA will demonstrate a variety of rolling techniques that were developed to recover from various situations that seal hunters encountered such as injured hands and arms, loss of a paddle and entanglement in harpoon lines.

Important information regarding COVID-19 and its impact on the Greenway and Naval Cemetery Landscape.Learn More