NYC Department of City Planning will be holding public workshops in May and June in each borough to present an overview of each Borough’s waterfront resources and to discuss the future of specific waterfront sites. At these workshops, City Planning will present an overview of the borough’s waterfront resources and existing uses. We’ll then break into small groups to discuss particular segments of the Borough’s waterfront, what we refer to as Reaches. For each reach the groups will discuss opportunities and challenges for the future of specific sites along the waterfront. We’re also holding a sixth public meeting to discuss the Blue Network and other citywide issues.

Details for the Brooklyn workshop:

Monday, May 17, 2010, 6-8:30 pm
Brooklyn Technical High School
Dekalb Avenue & S. Elliot Place, Brooklyn

Key provisions BGI seeks in the new plan include:

1. Waterfront plan and waterfront zoning regulations should more specifically and sufficiently support the NYC greenway plan in a Class 1 configuration, with separate paths for bikes and pedestrians. The current 40-ft waterfront public access areas are insufficient to support this configuration. In the future the waterfront access areas should be 60-ft wide.

2. Waterfront plan should engage DCP, DEP, DOT, OMB and others in designing a decentralized approach to coastal stormwater management as depicted in the RPA/BGI West Street Sustainable Stormwater Study as a strategy for incrementally mitigating the city’s CSO problem and other stormwater impacts.

3. A complete network of human-powered boat facilities should be a part of the plan.

More info here about Vision 2020: A Comprehensive Waterfront Plan.

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