The Department of City Planning is embarking on Vision 2020: A New Comprehensive Waterfront Plan to set forth long-range goals and a sustainable blueprint for New York Harbor, its tributaries, creeks and bays. Vision 2020 will serve as a guide for future land use decisions along New York City’s shoreline, recognizing the diversity of the waterfront and the importance of balancing the needs of environmentally sensitive natural areas and the working waterfront with opportunities for public access, open space, housing and commercial activity.

Key provisions BGI seeks in the new plan include:  

1. Waterfront plan and waterfront zoning regulations should more specifically and sufficiently support the NYC greenway plan in a Class 1 configuration, with separate paths for bikes and pedestrians. The current 40-ft waterfront public access areas are insufficient to support this configuration. In the future the waterfront access areas should be 60-ft wide.

2. Waterfront plan should engage DCP, DEP, DOT, OMB and others in designing a decentralized approach to coastal stormwater management as depicted in the RPA/BGI West Street Sustainable Stormwater Study as a strategy for incrementally mitigating the city’s CSO problem and other stormwater impacts.

3. A complete network of human-powered boat facilities should be a part of the plan.

The first public meeting under this planning process will take place on Thursday, April 8th at 6:00PM at Murry Bergtraum High School, located at 411 Pearl Street in Lower Manhattan. You can also visit the Vision 2020 website at where you can find out more about the plan, the planning process, sign up for plan updates and meeting announcements, and share your ideas.

Even if you cannot attend the first public meeting, you can still send in your comments.

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