Green Spaces

Green Spaces Along the Greenway

Brooklyn Greenway Initiative is working on the creation of new green spaces adjacent to the Greenway, including the Naval Cemetery Landscape and Columbia Waterfront Park.

Columbia Waterfront Park is a planned green space that will provide a new amenity to the Columbia Street waterfront. The park will be developed on a roughly two-acre property that extends from Kane Street to Degraw Street on the west side of Columbia Street. The first phase of the park commenced in Spring 2014 when BGI volunteers completed a native grass planting. In 2015 BGI volunteers completed further plantings and built a fence, and DOT installed bike racks and benches.

In August 2015, Columbia Waterfront Park received $500,000 in funding from Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, out of nearly $12 million allocated to parks across Brooklyn.

In December 2015, NYS Department of State awarded $1.2 million in funding for Columbia Waterfront Park. BGI envisages this park’s landscape to serve as the northern end of the flood barrier system; Superstorm Sandy’s storm surge flooding extended up Degraw Street between Van Brunt Street and Columbia Street, as does the current one percent risk (100-year) floodplain.

The Naval Cemetery Landscape is a 1.7 acre site developed in partnership with the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation. The design is for a landscape of native plants beneficial to pollinators such as bees, moths and butterflies. Ground breaking took place in 2015 and the site  opened in 2016.

BGI seeks opportunities to create additional open spaces along the greenway route in order to provide opportunities for envelopment in nature and relief from the built environment. BGI’s open space development emphasizes the restoration of native plant communities that provide habitat and food sources for pollinators and birds.