Healing Approach to Nature

Explore the Naval Cemetery Landscape’s restorative and immersive meadow and contemplate how to decompress in nature.

Bulb Planting on West Street with BGI

Join BGI for our fall bulb planting on the West Street tree pits! As the latest installment in BGI’s effort to beautify the new Greenway on West Street, we will

Chimney Swifts at the Naval Cemetery Landscape

Chimney Swifts at the Naval Cemetery Landscape Guest Author: Loyan Beausoleil What do you expect to see when you visit the Naval Cemetery Landscape in Brooklyn? Native plants, butterflies and

The Ecological Value of Greenways

What’s In A Greenway?  What makes a “greenway”? How are greenways different from ‘parks’ or ‘bike lanes’, and why does that matter? What benefits do greenways – as individual green