NCL Rules, Regulations, and Notices

This list is not exhaustive, BGI reserves the right to update or add to this list at any time.

  1. The NCL has a maximum capacity of 350 people including staff, performers, vendors, guests, etc. that cannot be exceeded
  2. No artworks, furniture, set decorations, production equipment, or structures of any kind are permitted on the boardwalk without express written permission of BGI. BGI requires final sign off on furniture and methods of installation including benches, decorations, and other items that have already been discussed. All materials need to be secured (high wind) and not left half-installed or placed during installation or desinstallation where they may blow or fall off boardwalk and damage plants or boardwalk in high wind.
  3. Drones are not permitted at the Naval Cemetery Landscape..
  4. Do not disturb the landscape:
    1. Absolutely no one is allowed access to the Meadow or leave the boardwalk area at any time. This includes photographers.
    2. No one is permitted to pick, cut, or rip plants or trees or otherwise disrupt wild plant or animal life in the space
    3. There is a strict policy for all plant matter for an event or filmshoot (including potting soil or soil from other sites and seed, dried flowers, live plants, cut flowers) These need to be approved by Director of Horticulture in advance.
    4. No dogs or animals are allowed in the space.
    5. Failure to comply with these rules will result in additional charges: any damage to the landscape will also be assessed by BGI and invoiced to the client.
  5. Vehicles, people, or items associated with CLIENTS or EVENT must not block the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway or sidewalk on Williamsburg Street West.
  6. Vehicle access to the space is limited and deliveries and access require walking or carting from nearby intersections on the north and south sides of the block.
  7. The NCL is a raw space with limited facilities:
    1. There are no bathrooms or water on site available to workers or visitors to programs or installations, or participants in events, unless arranged with at least a month’s notice with the Director of Horticulture. Extra fees for portajohn servicing or extra portajohn installation apply, and portajohns are not ADA accessible. Direct your visitors to the gas station or the Building 77 ferry entrance to the yard and businesses on Flushing Ave for reasonable walking-distance facilities.
    2. There is no access to electricity (unless express permission is agreed upon with BGI and electricity is very limited. Generators are usually required for events and not provided by BGI)
    3. There is no running water on-site
    4. There is no rain shelter on-site.
  8. The space is ADA accessible. The boardwalk’s gaps may create walking or tripping hazards for guests in high heels, BGI is not liable for injury in the space by CLIENTS, guests, or anyone associated with EVENT.
  9. Client agrees that Rules and Regulations listed here will be sent to all subcontractors
    or anyone involved in installation, deinstallation and event/photoshoot duration.
  10. Depending on size of the crew or event, the Director of Horticulture may require an NCL staff-led orientation for all workers and crew of event client or event participants to be briefed on site rules and restrictions/proper use of the landscape as a pollinator habitat and cemetery
  11. For shoots with permits during open hours, you must scale down the size of your crew as much as possible to avoid inadvertently blocking the path and creating a public safety hazard. For photo shoots with minimal equipment and crew that have been approved for permits while open to the public, any equipment or props (with the exception of one tripod) must be handheld. Equipment and props or personal items may not be placed off of the boardwalk or block other visitors’ movement and use of the space. Requiring members of the public passing around your shoot to sign release forms is prohibited.
  12. Equipment carts, dollies, light stands, make-up bags, sound boxes, catering tables, and other stationary equipment are otherwise not permitted on the NCL during film & photo shoots without written permission by way of a comprehensive equipment list that must be provided in advance of the shoot.
  13. Program events and timing. Due to restrictions on the facilities and the capacity of the space and limitations of NCL staffing, one event per day is the usual limit, with a space of days between events, unless authorized by the Director in advance.
  14. A detailed list of event staff and run of show is to be submitted for review before agreements are signed between event client and BGI
  15. If food or beverage is part of the event, there is no public trash on site, and trash removal to our nearby pick up site by client and recycling materials offsite is required (client responsible for taking cardboard and plastic to appropriate recycling centers or drop off points).
  16. All pieces should be submitted for approval and to make sure they align with the intention and work of the Naval Cemetery Landscape and BGI.