latest progress on the greenway!

April 29, 2021

BGI is committed to the ambitious vision for 26+ mile Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway — an uninterrupted path of multi-use trails and linear parks tracing the Brooklyn waterfront from Greenpoint to East New York. We want to celebrate all the recent progress that’s been made on the Greenway – upgrades to the existing 20 miles, and the completion of new sections! Over the next few months, we’ll travel along the Greenway and share updates about what’s been done and what’s coming next.

Greenway upgrades by Brooklyn Bridge Park

Even when greenway segments open up, they don’t stay static forever! That’s the case through Brooklyn Bridge Park and DUMBO, where some small but key updates have been made to make the experience more inviting.

The biking entrance by Pier 6 has been rerouted away from the narrow pedestrian path between the Port Authority of NYNJ marine terminal entrance and the NYC Ferry landing, and now runs along Bridge Park Drive. The new path goes a long way in reducing bike and pedestrian conflicts on this part of the greenway. Just be sure to keep an eye out for it if you’re approaching from Atlantic Avenue, as some of the signage is conflicting and still points to the old path!

Remember the cobblestone rumble strips on the bike path alongside Pier 1? Of course you do! They were awful to ride on, and left a lasting – and negative – impression with a lot of users. Hopefully you saw the big news – they were pulled out and paved over last fall! The riding experience is smooth now – what you would expect for any other paved bike path in the city.

Speaking of cobblestones, be sure to check out Front and Water Streets in DUMBO. Several blocks of each street now feature granite bike lanes – first proposed for DUMBO in 2013, and implemented for the first time in Manhattan in 2015. Still a little rough for passing, side-by-side riding, or three-wheel cargo bikes, but these paths make the ride smoother for single-file riders going between Brooklyn Bridge Park and Flushing Avenue.