The Red Hook / Sunset Park Gap

The Brooklyn Greenway experienced major construction between 2019 and 2022, shrinking the gap in southern Brooklyn from four miles to just 2 ½ miles between Gravesend and Sheepshead Bay. This included upgrading the path on the eastern and southern edges of the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Four major Greenway gaps remain along the Brooklyn Waterfront. The largest of those gaps stretches for four miles through Red Hook, Gowanus, and Sunset Park.

You likely have not heard much about this western section, but we’re happy to announce there are plans for five (!) projects by NYC Department of Design and Construction (DDC), NYC Department of Transportation (DOT), and other partners to construct new Greenway in this corridor. Work will stretch from the cruise ship and ferry terminal in Red Hook to Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park.

Let’s take a look!

(1) Red Hook

  • The Greenway will be extended from its current terminus by the cruise ship and ferry terminal to Red Hook Park. The Red Hook Coastal Resiliency Project led by DDC will undertake this work.

  • Part of this extension will be a two-way, curb-protected and grade-separated path that will traverse mainly Ferris and Beard Streets on its way to the west side of Red Hook Park.

  • DDC presented the 60% design to community stakeholders in 2022. Final design is expected this year.

  • Current timeframe anticipates construction completion around 2027-28.*

(2) Gowanus – Hamilton Avenue, south-of-drawbridge to Third Avenue and 29 Street

  • Under construction since 2021, expected completion in 2024

  • Two-way grade-separated and landscaped bike path will be constructed on the west side of Hamilton and Third, extending out from the sidewalk.

(3) Sunset Park – 29 Street to 39 Street

  • Construction expected to start in 2024.

  • A two-way, grade-separated and landscaped bike path will be constructed on the north side of 29 Street and the west side of Second Avenue.

  • This construction will connect to the recently completed 39th Street connector between First and Second Avenues.

(4) Sunset Park – 39 Street to 58 Street

  • Though planning at this section of Greenway has been slow, we know that City agencies are working hard to speed up the process in the coming year.

  • NYC DOT and DDC are working on a capital project scope development study, the next step on the way to being able to initiate a build-out of the Greenway here.

(5) Sunset Park – 58 Street, between First and Second Avenues

  • DOT will build a two-way protected bike path. Previously this section was reviewed and recommended by Community Board 7.

  • On hold for years while construction went forward on Brooklyn Army Terminal retaining wall.

  • Design getting minor updates to reflect recent commercial changes on the street.

  • Implementation expected by later this year or 2024.

*A note about construction timelines – with the exception of the 58 Street connector, all of the projects above are major capital or pre-capital projects. As seen along the Navy Yard and Brooklyn Army Terminal, these projects are more sensitive to delay than DOT’s “quick build” projects like Emmons Avenue. We are optimistic about some of the dates above, but the farther in the future they are, the more qualification and patience they require.