Naval Cemetery Landscape Open Call to Artists Expand Your Creative Reach Locally

Brooklyn Greenway Initiative (BGI), in partnership with the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation (BNYDC), last week announced an open call for performances or artworks to be presented at the award-winning Naval Cemetery Landscape (NCL) in conjunction with Open House NY on Saturday October 19th. Proposals must express how the work relates to NCL’s historical, ecological, and/or cultural context. Selected works will be eligible for an awarded budget to cover installation and materials not to exceed $1,000. The open call is part of the joint mission of BGI and BNYDC to provide artists with unique green space to reach local audiences. Works that enhance or emphasize the sanctified and natural quality of the space are strongly encouraged. Artists may respond to the open call on Submittable through July 15, 2019.

The beautifully designed 1.7-acre green space was developed in partnership between the BNYDC and BGI and is publicly accessible along the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway, a protected bicycle and pedestrian path that, when completed, will run 26 miles from Greenpoint to Jamaica Bay. BGI through the NCL provides and expands public programming that creates an experience which offers retreat, remembrance, and engaged observation while honoring a layered, 200-year history. Striking in its simplicity, the design features a wooden boardwalk and a dense meadow of native plants. There is also an amphitheater which can be utilized by the selected artist.

“It’s hard to find a spot in Brooklyn more serene than the Naval Cemetery Landscape, and we’re excited to provide a beautiful canvas for local artists to display their work,” said David Ehrenberg, President & CEO of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation. “We thank Brooklyn Greenway Initiative for its partnership on this inspiring initiative and are looking forward to reviewing submissions.”

“We look forward to welcoming artists and ideas to the NCL and are thrilled to provide a platform for an artist to showcase their work to a diverse audience in a unique greenspace in the heart of Brooklyn,” said BGI Executive Director Terri Carta. “This call for artists is an exciting milestone for our partnership with the local community and BNYDC.”’







About Brooklyn Greenway Initiative

Brooklyn Greenway Initiative (BGI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to the development, establishment and long-term stewardship of the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway – a 26-mile protected and landscaped route for pedestrians and cyclists that, when complete, will connect Brooklyn’s storied and iconic waterfront, parks and open space, commercial and cultural corridors, and new tech and innovation hubs for 2.65 million Brooklyn residents, over 1.1 million employees in Brooklyn, and 15 million annual visitors from across the City and around the world.

Founded in 2004, BGI works with community, non-profit, business, and governmental partners to create and fulfill a comprehensive vision for the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway, while at the same time building awareness and support among residents and employees who live and work along its route. Since its founding, BGI has channeled more than $218 million in public and private investment toward implementation of the Greenway, leveraged public and private investment of $2.38 million toward the creation of the Naval Cemetery Landscape as a new park-like space adjacent to the Greenway, and conceptualized or supported the development and stewardship of other open spaces and public amenities along the Greenway. Approximately 18 miles of completed Greenway are actively used by tens of thousands of cyclists and pedestrians daily.